Lower O&M? Think Higher CAP Rate

Indoor Climate + Air Quality

With sealed duct systems and properly installed installation, your tenants will experience a better quality of life.

Tightly sealed and insulated duct systems help ensure that tenants breathe clean, filtered air. With respiratory issues on the rise, this is a forward-thinking solution. Dust in the living space is also reduced.

Insulation has been installed poorly for decades. We discover problem areas and present solutions that make uncomfortable rooms and tenant complaints a thing of the past.

Lower O&M? Think Higher CAP Rate

Lower O&M? Think Higher CAP Rate

The most obvious benefit to performance contracting services is the significant savings realized after the financing term is complete.

But another great benefit is the reduced operations and maintenance costs will increase the cap rate of your property.

Happier tenants via comfortable units also leads to greater occupancy rates and lower turnover.

Interested in selling? Elevated cap rates, higher occupancy and updated equipment increase the value of the property.

Smart Choices Today Change the Game Tomorrow

Smart Choices Today Change the Game Tomorrow

Performance contracting is about today and tomorrow.

Today, we stop putting off building repairs and upgrades. Monthly operational savings offsets the loan payments. Smart financing avoids need for upfront capital and avoids debt on the balance sheet.

Tomorrow, we pay off the loan and reap the rewards of a more efficient and comfortable building.

Our difference? A truly custom approach to your particular building and organizational goals.

We provide solutions for reducing operating costs in existing buildings

builders - home imageOur difference:

  • A specific plan for your individual concerns and goals
  • Risk free site evaluations for potential improvements
  • Completed work scope is verified by our team prior to project completion
  • Certified professionals on staff (BPI, RESNET, CEM, LEED and NGBS )
  • Financing partners