Vision & Philosophy

The mission of Desert Skies is to reduce the energy consumption of residential and commercial buildings in America. While companies such as Tesla focus on renewable energy generation and storage, we focus on energy conservation. A partnering of these focuses will likely be the only method to create an influx of net-zero energy homes and commercial properties.

Desert Skies was founded for three reasons:

  1. To address the immediate issue of climate change and carbon emissions
  2. To create healthier, more comfortable and more valuable homes and buildings
  3. To provide homeowners unbiased solutions to their home’s problems and offer a way to avoid large upfront costs

We believe that we can create value for our clients via performance contracting and proper design while simultaneously cutting carbon emissions and slowing global warming.

Beyond monthly energy savings, our clients enjoy more comfortable homes and breathe cleaner air. Add home certification and you can even increase your property value.

We envision a world where low energy usage homes are widespread and repairs are easily performed with no out of pocket cost for the building owner. We also promote the obvious need for renewable energy systems and believe that each home and commercial property has the opportunity to serve as an individual power plant.

Understanding that there is a huge desire for our services but a general sense of unease over payment, we have designed our business to operate with minimal overhead and to offer some of the most competitive rates in our industry. When major repairs or renovations are needed, we are able to assist with financing via our banking partners.

With new construction and remodels, Desert Skies works with architects to help create and design energy efficient homes and buildings without extreme cost. Working with over 175 builders locally, Desert Skies has been able to see what works and what doesn’t—from common issues like insulation failures to less prevalent problems including excessive heat loss through uninsulated hot water piping systems. We take that field experience back to the drawing board; our architects are the recipients of our real world experience. We are constantly refining our services to offer better solutions for the ever-changing building codes.

A well-planned design is only half the battle and new builds often have complex details which benefit from the expertise of certified inspectors. We offer field inspections for a variety of programs to ensure these new homes are comfortable and efficient.

We believe that our firm provides potential clients with a strong value proposition.

By investing in your home or commercial property you can:

  • Save on monthly utility costs
  • Be more comfortable in the building or home
  • Increase the property value (add certification for even greater property value)
  • Reduce the risk of illness and allergens within the home
  • Reduce or eliminate the chance of pests entering the home or building

Convincing the bulk of property owners that energy efficient buildings are more desirable is no longer difficult. The new challenge has been to convince them that it’s worth an upfront investment of capital.

With low-interest rates available from local and national banks, homeowners can often finance repairs and save more on utility costs than their monthly loan payments.