Our Vision.  We are dedicated to providing green and sustainable solutions for our customers that can be extended to our customers’ supply chains through a Green Supply Chain Program. This greatly multiples the positive environmental impact of our customers initiative.

Organizations are more and more expected to take responsibility for social and environmental issues in their supply chain. We analyze supply chains of private and public organizations to identify how key sustainability issues are being managed. The development of capacities, reliable relationships and systems is key for the establishment of sustainable supply chains. We assist suppliers in their sustainability initiatives and demonstrate, measure and report the many positive impacts provided by green supply chain programs.

Desert Skies Energy offers green supply chain programs in concert with several organizations that have developed specialized software systems that optimize results for the customer and their suppliers.


Our Services.  The following services describe the primary phases of a green supply chain programs and its development:

  • Supply chain assessment. Analyze the customer’s supply chains and identify opportunities for improvements including energy and water efficiency  measures. Identify an initial group of suppliers (10-15) for a pilot program.
  • Sustainable supply chain management systems. Design the green supply chain solution and a plan to ensure effective risk management, collaboration, and innovation across the supply chain. Implement proven policies, data gathering techniques, monitoring systems while integrating into existing processes and structures, and operational plans.
  • Guide suppliers through the process of establishing a Sustainable Supply Chain Management and support them to systematically manage environmental and social issues in their global supply chains.
  • Monitoring services. Support our clients in monitoring sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. Secure self-assessments from suppliers, provide site visits, identify any needed corrective actions, establish action plans and provide any required coaching.
  • Communication Plan. Design and implement communications program to generate knowledge, raise awareness and understanding, and develop capacities in suppliers for sustainable management (social compliance, environmental management and ethics).

Our Experience.  Desert Skies Energy employs professionals that have been in the forefront of the green supply chain industry. Team members have developed business plans and green supply chain programs for organizations in markets such as commercial real estate, non-for-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies.