Our Vision.  At Desert Skies Energy, we are dedicated to protecting the environment through responsible use of our natural resources and by empowering customers and communities to consume less energy and conserve resources.

Sustainable business practices are no longer a trend rather, a matter of course. Organizations and communities are focusing more and more on sustainability and environmental responsibility to help them form opinions of product and service offerings. To protect consumers, the environment and overall brand health, all procedures and operations, in any industry, should be managed with a commitment to conserving energy and achieving measurable, net-positive results at a reasonable cost.

Desert Skies Energy offers customers a wide range of sustainability services for organizations and their communities. A holistic approach drives efficiencies through any type of organization thereby enabling customers to perform business operations in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Our Objectives.  Sustainability is an integral part of our vision and values. Our environmental efforts are conducted with the following objectives in mind:

  • Supporting our company’s growth and exceeding our customers’ increasing expectations for more sustainable products and services.
  • Improving our operational efficiency, including lowering costs and reducing the environmental footprint of our operations and supply chain.
  • Expanding engagement with our stakeholders on environmental issues.

Our Services.  We are able to bring value to and advance an organization’s Sustainability Initiative regardless of where they may be in their process. We can provide leadership in this effort or perform supportive services based on our customer’s requirements. We can offer any combination of the following Sustainability services:

  • Sustainability Policy Development
  • Sustainability Plan Development & Recommendations
  • Sustainability Standards and Measurement
  • Sustainability Program Launch and Management
  • Sustainability Reporting including Public Relations
  • Financial Programs to Facilitate Program implementation

Our Experience.  Desert Skies Energy employs professionals that have a deep understanding of the relevant subject matter and have developed and implemented sustainability and energy efficiency programs in markets including commercial real estate, local government, federal government, non-for-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies.