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A Message From Our Owner, Stephen Mogowski

The EPA suggests that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors.  I feel privileged to help create healthy, high performance homes and buildings that are the centerpieces of our lives.

Growing up, my grandfather was a woodworker and taught me the definition of craftsmanship.  His focus and precision was evident in every piece of furniture he built whether it was a small dining room table or custom cabinetry.  I always admired that commitment to perfection and that dedication to your craft has helped guide me through my personal life.  Ultimately, it would follow me to Desert Skies Energy as well.

After graduating from Randolph-Macon College, I moved to eastern North Carolina and started working at a mid-sized HVAC company.  Each day gave me an invaluable understanding of the industry– both good and bad.  We worked on new construction projects, rehab projects and performed emergency rehabilitation work in the aftermath of hurricanes.

A move Arizona in 2011 allowed me the opportunity to enter the energy efficient home industry where I worked primarily with the EPA’s Energy Star for Homes program.  Certifying thousands of homes annually was the first step in feeling like we were making a real difference in people’s lives.

In 2014, I started Desert Skies Energy with a goal of improving the performance of new custom homes.  Custom homes typically have challenging details that need unique solutions and we felt we were perfectly suited to handle these situations.

Years later, we have expanded our services to include multifamily housing and existing homes.  Yet our basic commitment to seemingly small details and to the owners themselves continues to define us as a company.

Using our real world experience from past projects to make each new project a little better, we are able to see continued positive changes in our communities and indoor environments.  In time, we expect to make a tangible impact on lowering carbon emissions while simultaneously delivering some of the most comfortable, healthy homes in the world.

All the best,

Core Values

Trust & Integrity

Within our organization, we have created a culture that begins and ends with trust.  The cornerstone for any team, we are committed to one another and this pillar of our business extends to our clients as well.  If there is a circumstance where we feel you could be better served elsewhere or by utilizing a different service, we promise to convey that to you.  Our goal is to create long term relationships.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

At Desert Skies Energy, craftsmanship means completing your project to the highest possible standards.  Unfortunately, it is remarkable the amount of details that are either missed or completed improperly in modern construction.  With our guidance and attention to detail, we help transform regular projects into high performance buildings.


The mission of Desert Skies Energy is to reduce the energy consumption of residential and commercial buildings in America. While companies such as Tesla focus on renewable energy generation and storage, we focus on energy conservation. A partnering of these focuses will likely be the only method to create an influx of net-zero energy homes and commercial properties.

Desert Skies Energy was founded for two  core reasons: A) To address the immediate issue of climate change and carbon emissions and B) To create healthier, more comfortable and more valuable homes and buildings.


We envision a world where low energy usage homes are widespread and repairs are easily performed with no out of pocket cost for the building owner. We also promote the obvious need for renewable energy systems and believe that each home and commercial property has the opportunity to serve as an individual power plant.

As water and energy costs continue to rise, we see vast opportunity for property owners to finance energy improvement costs and realize immediate savings.  Reducing maintenance costs, improving cap rates, increased comfort and improved air quality will all be icing on the cake.

Kevin Wiscombe, Residential Energy Supervisor

Kevin performs the bulk of Desert Skies’ field inspections and is a project manager for several multifamily residential projects. When not braving the Arizona heat, he retreats to the office where he fills in as a plan analyst. He is an Arizona native and has experience with new home construction as well as existing home weatherization.

He holds multiple green building certifications but his experience is what sets him apart from other professionals. Desert Skies has a company policy to diagnose any testing failure which means much of Kevin’s time is spent diagnosing problems with HVAC systems and building systems. Kevin is an invaluable resource for multiple HVAC companies as well as custom home builders.

Kevin also was a driving factor in our shift to 3D energy modeling; a decision that has led to laser accurate plan review takeoffs and easier identification of problem areas in homes.

Recently, Kevin purchased an existing home and was able to improve the homes HERS Score by over 60 points.  The house had serious comfort concerns to the point that the previous owner could not sleep upstairs in the master bedroom.  Kevin diagnosed many areas of concern and his retrofit ultimately included:  two stage air source heat pump, new duct work, solar shades, LED lighting, air sealing and additional insulation.

The result?  Half the energy bill of the previous owner with a smaller sized HVAC unit.  And the best part?  He can use the master bedroom!

Active Certifications:

  • BPI Building Analyst
  • BPI Envelope Professional
  • NGBS Green Verifier
  • EPA ENERGY STAR for Homes Certified



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