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Arcadia Subdivision Raises the Bar

In the heart of Arcadia, the eight lot subdivision of Ashwood Circle stands out from the rest of the pack– it is one of the most energy efficient subdivisions in the entire City of Phoenix. But the story of Ashwood Circle started months before the project broke ground.

Blue Sky Homes and Desert Skies Energy sat down at the designers table and broke down each aspect of the builds– from the foam insulation used in the walls and attic to the high efficiency tankless water heaters. No portion of these designs were left to chance and the result is staggeringly low utility bills. One Ashwood Circle homeowner reported their 3200 square foot home had a $27 electric bill for the month of August.

Desert Skies Energy was able to help Blue Sky Homes create an affordable, high performance spec but we also provided all the necessary testing and inspections during construction to achieve the their desired certifications.

Case details

Builder: Blue Sky Homes

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Service/Certification: HERS Rating

Key Benefit: Up to 96% More Efficient Than Code



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