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Luxury Apartments at Carter

Brought to life by the team at JLB Partners, Carter is located in old town Scottsdale. This project was the recipient of APS MEEP rebates due to their commitment to energy efficiency. One key change order on this project was the increase to 100% LED lighting. The result netted their team extra rebates but also will reduce maintenance costs in the future.

Many will likely be drawn to the amenities but JLB Partners’ plan for energy efficient floor plans will ultimately reward their tenants each month with lower energy bills. Insulation inspections were constant throughout the construction of this 365 unit apartment complex. In addition, our team inspected air sealing details.

JLB Partners project lead Ryan Kleinau said that Desert Skies Energy’s additional quality control was a huge asset on this project. The testing and inspections performed by Desert Skies Energy also provided JLB with the necessary code compliance testing for the City of Scottsale.

Case details

Owner: JLB Partners

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Service/Certification: APS MEEP Rebates

Key Benefit: 40% More Efficient Than Code



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