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Nationally Recognized Design

CORE House was a joint venture by the team at PHX Architecture / Cosan Studio alongside Desert Skies Energy. The design was part of the Sustainable Design Competition held by the City of Phoenix. The goal of the competition was to encourage the construction of ultra-low energy homes; the recognized designs would be those with the best potential for widespread adoption in the Phoenix area.

CORE House is a testament to exceptional design with the plans reaching Emerald certification (NGBS). In addition, the house is fully adaptable to ADA standards without changing the dimensional floor plan. Achieving a HERS 30 without solar was the result of meticulous attention to detail and creative design features such as extending the ICF wall system to the footer to serve as slab edge insulation.

Facts for CORE House:

● Recognized by City of Phoenix for exceptional design

● Gold Nugget Merit Award

● Adaptable to meet energy codes anywhere in the USA

● Solar Ready + Designed for Peak Load Reduction

○ With solar installed, this design could power six identical homes!

● Building Cost Estimate of $140 – $161/SF

○ Depending on finishes, includes civil costs, excludes land purchase

● Efficient HVAC and Plumbing Design

○ Maximum run of 18’ from water heater to furthest fixture
○ All ducts + air handlers located in conditioned space
○ ERV designed for exceptional indoor air quality

● ADA Compliant

○ Bonus! All HVAC filter changes can be done from sitting position

Interested in building this design? Contact Scott Carson at Cosan Studio for details.

Case details

Design Rights: Cosan Studio

Firm Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Designed Square Footage: 2060

Key Benefit: HERS 30 (Before Solar)



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