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Behind the Build for HGTV

When HGTV chose Scottsdale for their 2017 Smart Home build, they knew they wanted the design to be extremely energy efficient. Working with Desert Skies Energy, HGTV was able to design a one of a kind ‘Smart Home’ that was 40% more efficient than typical homes… without the use of solar panels!

The local builder of the HGTV Smart Home, Eagle Luxury Properties, is also a client of Desert Skies Energy. Together, we developed the insulation spec that will help this home perform even in the harshest Arizona summers. Routine testing and inspections throughout construction ensured that the project will perform as designed.

A single iPad controls many home features like security and climate. In addition, the home is outfitted with motion-activated toilets and solar-activated skylights. The interior design and smart features make this home truly remarkable and worthy of the lofty HGTV Grand Prize giveaway.

Case details

Owner: HGTV

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Service/Certification: HERS Rating + Consulting

Key Benefit: Smart Features + $2,160 Annual Energy Savings



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