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Luxury Senior Living at Overture Kierland

Greystar and Chasse Building Team combined to construct modern active adult apartments with resort style amenities. Behind the scenes, Desert Skies Energy worked with the builder and owner to ensure there were no defects in the building shell or HVAC systems.

Tenants at Overture Kierland routinely inquired about the green and energy efficient features of this property and Desert Skies Energy created a ‘cheat sheet’ for leasing agents to better explain the features like Low-E glazing and grade one insulation.

In addition, Desert Skies Energy provided post permit revisions to the energy calculations to save $65,000 in construction costs on K-13 insulation at the podium without sacrificing significant energy savings.

Case details

Owner: Greystar

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Service/Certification: HERS Rating

Key Benefit: 37% More Efficient Than Code



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