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Located on the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation, TOKA II is a combination of highly efficient single family homes and townhomes. The project was a recipient of the Arizona Department of Housing’s Low Income Tax Credits and required the independent verification of a HERS Rater to ensure the project met program standards.

Desert Skies Energy performs LIHTC inspections for many developers but TOKA II carries the distinction of having the most energy-efficient building envelope– a huge benefit for the local residents.

This project included advanced spray foam insulation to completely encapsulate the building; this foam insulation was applied to the roof deck (10+ inches) while the exterior walls received 3.5” applied to a furred out masonry wall system. Windows installed met ENERGY STAR standards for Climate Zone 2.

Our team was able to guide the project team through the Department of Housing’s stringent energy requirements, a key element of the program, and the project received the tax credits.

Case details

Owner: Tohono O’odham Ki:Ki Association

Builder: Cholla Managing Group

Location: Sells, Arizona

Service/Certification: 3rd Party HERS Rater Evaluation

Key Benefit: ADOH Low Income Housing Tax Credit Recipient



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