Desert Skies Energy offers whole home performance evaluations for existing single family homes.  Our services are typically more comprehensive than average energy audits that you would receive from other firms.  Our fees are also significantly higher.

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, you are likely a customer of Arizona Public Service (APS) or Salt River Project (SRP).  Both of these utilities offer their customers a $99 energy audit through the Home Performance with Energy Star program.

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Once you have reviewed the links above, please read the following to decide what energy audit company is right for you:



Contractors that participate in this program will offer energy audit services for $99 (homeowner cost).  They are required to have at least one member of their staff certified through BPI.


  • Affordability ($99)
  • Some repairs may qualify for utility rebates


  • Technicians may not carry the expertise / certifications you desire
  • Company will have incentive to sell you a product or service


Our customized evaluation focuses on your specific concerns as well as an overall assessment of the building envelope + duct system(s)..


  • 100% Independent Review – we do not perform repairs nor do we collect referral fees from our recommended subcontractors
  • Recommendations are cost-effective, realistic and cater to your individual concerns
  • Technicians performing the inspection carry multiple certifications including BPI, RESNET
  • We can also help you network with qualified subcontractors to perform any repairs.


  • More expensive ($400-600)
  • Repairs made would not qualify for potential utility rebates

If you are curious about your home’s performance, we recommend you opt for the $99 audit.  The contractors performing these audits should be able to provide you a basic understanding of your home’s energy consumption plus potential improvement strategies.  We recommend vetting three or more companies to see the best fit for your family.

If you have significant comfort concerns, extremely high utility bills or a high end custom home, you might consider utilizing our Whole Housing Performance Evaluation.  If you are prepared to spend a few thousand dollars or more on the repairs/rehab, you will likely recoup the cost of our audit due to our subcontractor network and our logical recommendations.  We never recommend anything that will not do one of three things:

  • Improve your home’s indoor air quality (family health)
  • Lower your utility bills (long term savings)
  • Improve climate control (family comfort)


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